BO, LUKE & DAISY DUKE, are a12 weeks old and thriving (scroll through adorable pix from @sophiegamand👆) under the watchful eye of our head foster dog dad, Mr. Bones, and our Neurologist, Dr. Abbie Lebowitz of @amcny . Exam, ultrasound, blood tests and urine bile acid tests are complete: the diagnosis is cerebellar and vestibular (balance) dysfunction. The cerebellum is the part of the brain that controls rate and range of motion. All three have some degree of head tilts, mild intention tremors and an incoordination. . While Luke and Daisy's urine bile acid tests were normal, Bo's levels are elevated, indicating a degree of hepatic dysfunction. Next month he will undergo a paired bile acid test so that we can better understand his issue and what the next steps are, if any. . All three pups are happy, socializing and WILL LEAD NORMAL LIVES! They will just be a little clumsy! 😊 We do require they all go to a home with another friendly dog who can help them continue to thrive. While we typically do not adopt siblings to the same home, the extenuating circumstances of their special needs is an exception and we will consider one home for both Daisy and Bo, who are supportive of each others needs. Luke (largest ears) is the most independent and is only mildly affected by neuro issues. . ⭐️To help with their care costs, which have already surpassed 2K, see the link in our profile. ⭐️ To apply to adopt (NY/NJ/CT/PA) head to mrbonesandco.org or email elli@mrbonesandco.org with questions. #AdoptChiweenieTripletsMBC #oneluckypup #chiweenie #rescueisthenewblack

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経済的な理由から、チウィニー(チワワとダックスのミックス)の3つ子は、米ニューヨークにある動物保護施設「Mr. Bones & Co」に移され、さらに詳しい検査が行われました。




Q. What's tiny like a yellow highlighter and just as bright? A. A bonded pair of 4.5 month old deaf and hearing impaired #chiweenies! ************************** BO (partial hearing loss) and DAISY (complete hearing loss) have surpassed all expectations with their cerebellar dysfunction diagnosis and have learned to coordinate and balance themselves much better than expected – it's virtually unnoticeable! They have been in foster care with the big guy himself, our namesake MR. BONES, since late April and are ready to prance right into your home! These #tinydancer pups are a combined total weight of less than 10lbs. and thrive together. DAISY takes her cues from BO and her lack of hearing is easy to not notice. BO is so sweet with his baby sister, and with his humans, which has helped DAISY learn not to be shy in her silent world. When we first rescued these pups (brother Luke has long since been adopted!) we suspected we might lose DAISY, but she bounced back with a a huge will to live for such a tiny girl (she weighed only a few ounces when we got her!) . To learn more about these very special pups who are proving to the world that special needs doesn't mean 'unadoptable' check out #adoptchiweenietripletsmbc #adoptBoMBC #adoptDaisyMBC . To apply in NY, NJ, CT, PA visit the ⭐️link in our profile!⭐️Please note: They MUST be adopter together as a pair. #rescueisthenewblack #oneluckypup #deafdogsrock

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Today's #feelgoodfriday brought to you by BO and DAISY, two puppies who have been in our program since April, happily showing the world that deaf dogs with cerebellar vestibular dysfunction are pretty much just regular dogs – they love, laugh and most importantly, they live! We are excited to share a new journey is in the works for these two and we can't wait to see where it goes. Special thanks to the neurology team at @amcny and our primary care vets at @purepawsvet for helping us navigate this hilarious little duo. ♥️ . The best is yet to come. Have an incredible weekend! . #adoptchiweenietripletsmbc #adoptbombc #adoptdaisymbc #chiweenie #oneluckypup #rescueisthenewblack #deafdogsrock

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CHIWEENIE UPDATE: While LUKE has found his incredible forever home, which we will share more on later, BO and DAISY are still looking for a soft place to land for the rest of their lives. We have learned more about this pair, who must be adopted together, that we are saddened to share. Bo's incongruent left ear is more than a physical defect – he has no inner ear or ear canal and instead has what looks like a shallow belly button where his ear opening should be. He is completely deaf in this ear. . This led us to realize the reason why Daisy spins prolifically, she has developed much slower than her brothers and has severe anxiety when left alone is because her world is silent – she is completely deaf. This special need masked itself well as she followed along and did whatever her brothers did. Now that we are fully aware of the extent of her needs we are taking steps to help her learn and train in her own special way. Tomorrow, Daisy will undergo a Baer hearing test with our neurologists and Bo will have a re-check to ensure he does not have any additional needs. . These pups have come a long way since we pulled them at 6 1/2 weeks. Now almost four months old, their expenses have piled up. Daisy's tests will add another $300 to their costs. We are re-sharing their fundraiser so that anyone who wants to contribute to the 3K of care costs we have incurred with these little guys check out the ⭐️ link in our profile! ⭐️ . More to come on this adorable duo, so beautifully photographed recently by Mila Chappell of @realhappydogs . To apply to adopt them together, if you have the time to work with the special needs of deaf and hearing impaired dogs, and live in NY, NJ, CT and some parts of PA, head to www.mrbonesandco.org #AdoptchiweenietripletsMBC #AdoptBoMBC #adoptdaisymbc #rescueisthenewblack #chiweenie #OneLuckyPup

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